Sometimes in life our dear Lord asks us to do things that we don’t quite understand why because we don’t feel up to the task at hand. Running this marathon is one of them. My youngest child is only eight months old. I am heavier than I was when I ran my last marathon, and I have plantar fasciitis which makes for very soar feet in the morning.

After talking to the marathon coach about it, she simply said, “Ann, wait and see. If increasing miles makes it unbearable to run, then you will know.” For now, I am icing my feet after long runs and wearing arch support through out the day. That has helped.

I hesitated sharing this on the blog because I feel as if I should simply “offer it up” or be as positive as I can, but I think it is important in life to not only “be real” but be receptive to the movings of the Holy Spirit and to respond even if you do not “feel” like you are the most perfect candidate for the position. In humility, we should step forward and trust that our Lord knows what He is doing and is ready and able to make up for all that we are lacking. Even if it seems a great mystery to us. Motherhood is like that. The great course in humility.

For now, I’ll just keep jogging or as my fun sister-in-law likes to call it, slogging. She is in her mid fifties and says at this point in her life it is no longer a jog, but a slog.  So hears to slogging, one day at a time.